For the ultimate appearance of luxury and style, look no further than Jayee Screens for frameless shower screens in Melbourne. As their name suggests, these frameless shower screens have no frame, providing you with a clear, unobstructed and ultra-modern look. Shower screens with a frameless design are also a perfect solution for small bathrooms, helping to create a feeling of openness and give the illusion of space.

High-Quality Construction

Made from 10mm toughened glass, our frameless glass shower screens not only have a clean finish, but are designed to reduce the potential of water leakage in your home. Our specialists fit each frameless shower screen with a discreet door handle that provides maximum functionality and elegance. You can choose from our extensive range of brass and chrome hinges, brackets, clips and knobs.

Why Choose Jayee Screens?

At Jayee Screens, our team of highly trained frameless shower screen specialists boast over 45 years of industry experience. This experience gives us the knowledge to complete a range of jobs in accordance with your specific needs and requirements, allowing us to deliver satisfying results. We have a team of qualified experts who are fully trained in the design, manufacture and installation of frameless glass shower screens.

As a family run business that has been in operation since 1969, we offer a fully flexible service that is tailored to meet the individual requirements of each customer. Whether you’re building a new home or renovating your current bathroom, you won’t be disappointed with the frameless shower screens available from Jayee Screens.

Frequently Asked Questions


What Are Frameless Shower Screens?

Frameless shower screens are a type of shower screen that do not require a frame running along the edge of the glass. This ensures a sleeker and more streamlined look.

What Are the Benefits of Installing a Frameless Shower Screen?

Many people choose to install a frameless shower screen to achieve a sleek and stylish look that complements their modern bathroom. Frameless shower screens also help to increase the sense of space and openness, making them an excellent option for smaller bathrooms.

What Size Options Are Available?

Because our frameless shower screens are made to measure, there’s no limit to the sizes available. We can work off your measurements and provide a shower screen that fits your space perfectly.

How Much Do Frameless Shower Screens Cost?

The cost will depend on several factors, including the style you choose and the size required. To get a quote for your frameless shower screen, speak to our team today.

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Jayee Screens is a leading destination for frameless shower screens in Melbourne. Improve the aesthetics and functionality of your bathroom today by calling us on (03) 9758 3800 or sending us a message via our online contact form.

Frameless - Styles

All screen doors and fixed panel positions can be left or right hand opening to suit your individual bathroom requirements.

Corner BaseFront OnlyFront with Inline PanelFront With 2 Inline Panels
Front & Return With Inline PanelFront & Return With 2 Inline Panels

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