FlyScreen Doors & Window In Melbourne

During the summer months of the year, flies and other pests can emerge in large numbers. And once they enter your home, they can cause a significant amount of annoyance and frustration. Fortunately, the specialists at Jayee Screens can provide fly screen doors and window fly screens in Melbourne that keep flies and other pests out of your home while still letting the fresh air inside.

Manufactured from powder coated or anodised aluminium and available in a large range of colours, we can make insect screens in Melbourne to suit every window application or door opening. All of our fly screens come with fibreglass mesh, while our flyscreen doors are available in hinged or sliding options.

Fly Screens for Windows

Our insect and fly screens for windows are perfect for providing relief from mosquitoes on a warm summer’s night. Thanks to fly wire screens from Jayee Screens, you can enjoy a nice breeze in your house while keeping insects out.

Optional extras:

  • Aluminium mesh
  • Light stainless steel mesh
  • Bronze Mesh (Pending Availability)
  • Mini mesh

Flyscreen Doors – Enjoy Fresh Air without Unwanted Visitors

Our flyscreen doors are manufactured from powder coated or anodised aluminium materials and are available in a variety of colours. You can also choose from a range of door types, including fly screen sliding doors.

Optional extras:

  • Mini mesh
  • Aluminium mesh
  • Light stainless steel mesh
  • Supa mesh (restricted vision)
  • Tuffmesh (heavy duty – especially good for pets)
  • Door closers
  • Bug seal
  • Pet doors
  • Bronze Mesh (Pending Availability)

Order from Us Today

Whether you need window fly screens or flyscreen aluminium doors in Melbourne, you can rely on the specialists at Jayee Screens to meet your needs. Contact us today to learn more about our insect screen doors and window insect screens.

FAQs: Flyscreens

  • What are flyscreens?
    Flyscreens are protective screens made from mesh or perforated material designed to keep insects out while allowing airflow.
  • What are the benefits of flyscreens?
    Flyscreens offer several benefits, including insect protection, improved ventilation, and maintaining a comfortable living environment.
  • Can flyscreens be installed on windows and doors?
    Yes, flyscreens can be installed on both windows and doors to keep insects out while allowing fresh air to circulate.
  • Are flyscreens easy to clean?
    Flyscreens are generally easy to clean and can be maintained by regular dusting or gentle washing.
  • Can flyscreens be customised to fit different window and door sizes?
    Yes, flyscreens can be custom-made to fit various window and door sizes, ensuring a perfect fit.
  • Do flyscreens reduce natural light indoors?
    Flyscreens are designed to allow natural light to pass through while providing insect protection, ensuring a well-lit living space.
  • Can flyscreens be used in conjunction with other window coverings?
    Yes, flyscreens can be used alongside curtains, blinds, or shutters for additional privacy and light control.
  • Are flyscreens durable and long-lasting?
    Flyscreens made from quality materials can be durable and long-lasting with proper care and maintenance.
  • Can flyscreens be easily removed if needed?
    Flyscreens are designed for easy installation and removal, making it convenient for cleaning or access purposes.
  • Do flyscreens provide security?
    While primarily designed for insect protection, flyscreens can provide a minimal level of security by acting as a deterrent.
  • Are flyscreens suitable for all climates?
    Flyscreens are suitable for most climates and can be used to improve ventilation in both warm and cool weather.
  • Can flyscreens be installed in rental properties?
    Flyscreens can be installed in rental properties with the permission of the landlord or property owner.
  • Can flyscreens be repaired if damaged?
    Depending on the extent of damage, flyscreens can often be repaired by replacing the damaged mesh or components.
  • Do flyscreens come with a warranty?
    Yes, at Jayee Screens, our flyscreens come with warranty coverage, ensuring peace of mind for our customers.
  • Are flyscreens child-friendly?
    Flyscreens with child-safe designs, such as finger-safe options, can be suitable for households with children.
  • Can flyscreens be installed on different types of windows and doors?
    Yes, flyscreens can be installed on various window and door types, including sliding, casement, and hinged windows, as well as hinged and sliding doors.
  • Are flyscreens pet-friendly?
    Flyscreens can provide a barrier against insects while allowing pets to enjoy fresh air indoors.
  • Can flyscreens be used for commercial properties?
    Yes, flyscreens can be installed in commercial properties to maintain a hygienic environment and insect-free spaces.
  • Do flyscreens require professional installation?
    While professional installation is recommended for optimal results, some flyscreens can be installed by homeowners.
  • Can flyscreens be used for balconies and outdoor areas?
    Yes, flyscreens can be installed on balconies and outdoor areas to create a bug-free and comfortable space.

Explore our range of flyscreens at Jayee Screens and enjoy a pest-free environment with improved airflow in your home. Call us today at (03) 9758 3800.

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Rexhep Cane
Friendly and helpful staff.
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Simon Pratt
Had to replace some weird and wonderfully old fly screen covers on rounded windows on a houseboat. Emma and the whole team were amazing. They turned them around in a week and the whole process from drop off to pickup was faultless, thanks team....
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Gary Brunda
Thanks Jayee Screens for the good 'Customer Service'. From Reception to getting a quotation for the Job. I found the Team to be prompt and courteous.
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