With more than 45 years of industry experience, you can trust Jayee Screens to deliver superior custom mirrors that complement your home and enhance your living areas. Whether you want framed mirrors or frameless mirrors in Melbourne, we can design, manufacture and install solutions that are tailored to your personal preferences and specifications.

Choose from Multiple Designs and Finishes

Made from 4mm, 6mm or laminated options, our custom size mirrors for bathrooms and other areas can be made to almost any size with power point cut-outs if required. You can also choose from bevelled edge mirrors, polished edge mirrors, frameless mirrors, and more. Speak to our specialists today if you have any questions about our available options.

Custom Bathroom Mirrors

People often think about the kitchen and living area when envisioning their dream home, but bathrooms also deserve recognition. Generally, bathrooms are small spaces that can feel cluttered and claustrophobic. Fortunately, you can make your bathroom look larger and more spacious by adding stylish custom bathroom mirrors from the experts at Jayee Screens.

Our bathroom mirrors can be matched to your framed shower screen. You can choose from timber or aluminium framing for the perfect finish for your bathroom, as well as polished or bevelled edges. Our polished edge mirrors are smooth around the edges for a simple and neat look, while our bevelled edge mirrors have a bevelled frame edge for a nice, modern look.

Book a Consultation Today

Make your mirror the centrepiece of your home with a stunning custom bathroom mirror from Jayee Screens. Get in touch with the team at Jayee Screens today to book a consultation and order custom mirrors that suit your requirements. Our friendly team will be more than happy to provide the advice and assistance you need to help you find the best custom made framed mirrors.



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