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Residential properties are continually getting smaller, meaning there’s less space for you to have all the luxuries you want. This includes having a bathroom that has sufficient room to fit a separate bath and shower. Fortunately, the experts at Jayee Screens can provide custom-designed over bath shower screens in Melbourne for your home.

Specifically designed for use with over bath showers, our screens look great in any bathroom and offer incredible functionality. Our specialists can deliver a bath shower screen that is fully framed, semi frameless or frameless. Our solutions are also available in fixed panel or fold away options.

No Need to Sacrifice Space

An over bath shower enclosure provides the perfect solution for bathrooms that have no space for a separate shower enclosure. By placing the shower over the bath, you have the luxury of both without having to sacrifice any space. At Jayee Screens, we possess the expertise and experience necessary to manufacture a range of over bath screens in Melbourne that meet the individual requirements of each customer.

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