Custom Made Mirrors

Make your bathroom seem larger and more spacious by adding a Jayee custom made mirror. Made from 4mm, 6mm or laminated options, your mirror can be made to almost any size with power point cut-outs if required. Call us today if your have any questions about these options.

Framed mirrors can be matched to your framed shower screen. Choose from timber or aluminium framing for the perfect finish for your bathroom.

Polished edge mirrors are smooth around the edges for a simple and neat look.

Bevelled edge mirrors have a bevelled frame edge for a nice, modern look.

Make your mirror the centrepiece of your bathroom with a Jayee framed, bevelled edge or polished edge mirror.

Contact us today to book in for a consultation. Our friendly team will be more than happy to lend you some advice and help you to find the perfect bathroom mirror in Melbourne.